Our Retail Market

We’ve been proud to be an anchor retail store on Main Street in Newton for 18 years now!

Prairie Harvest has been a local tradition since the turn of the century. Becky Nickel founded the store in 2000 in downtown Newton with Kathy Landis, later joined by Carrie Van Sickle. With an initial focus on bulk and organic foods, in addition to some gluten free mixes and pastas, the store has expanded its product offering several times over the years. In 2005 the store was relocated to the corner of 6th and Main into the oldest Mercantile Building west of the Mississippi. In addition to filling the additional space with several new products, Prairie Harvest started a fresh deli for lunch and created additional space for seating. In 2011 Prairie Harvest again expanded, adding a second kitchen space for Peppernut production, the start of its wholesale product offering.

Prairie Harvest Newton Retail Store

Notable Store Features

Salted Creamery

Salted Creamery

Kendra outside with her Salted Creamery cart is one of our favorite times of the year!

She sells by the scoop from her cart, and we stock pints and quarts inside. Kendra makes all of her Salted Creamery ice cream in the Prairie Harvest kitchen.

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Prairie Harvest bulk spices

Bulk Spices

We’ve got a huge selection of bulk spices. You can buy our spice jars, or cut down on waste by bringing your own containers to fill.